FKRT (Flipkart) is funny

I was doodling in the morning when I was distracted by a guy sitting next to me searching for ‘ear phones’ on flipkart. As I am a (most of us) self-proclaimed music enthusiast, I leaped into blabbering suggestions.

Suddenly we see

There was something more, something more geeky

and tt was

Jon Conway’s Game of Life


I couldn’t resist tweeting this to the flipkart twitter handle.
Even, I read Your Story’s article on Flipkart this morning. So I tweeted Shradhha Sharma too. I was intending to congratulate them for this nice implementation. But to my disappointment, flipkart turned out to be a party pooper.


Flipkart-party pooper

Reminds me of the Vodafone goof up

vodafone goof up

Desc: Reviewer Gandhi: Wanna marry @VodafoneIn owner’s daughter by EOD

Vodafone India: Please DM us your contact number and also brief us your concern and we’ll surely help you out.


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