How to Download Audio from SoundCloud

Copyright protected materials are usually protected and downloaded via Adobe’s proprietary protocol for DRM protection called RTMP. In such cases, files are not downloaded as a solitary unit.

During the time of writing this article, Soundcloud’s CDN was based on http.

Update: As of June 2016, Vimeo is still with http. You can download videos from Vimeo in the same manner

The following procedure applies to Audio files hosted on http/https.

  • Open the target track on Soundcloud
  • Open the inspector
    • If you’re on Chrome
      • Right click
      • Inspect Element
      • It’ll open the Developer Tools.
      • Go to the Networks Tab  in Developer Tools window
      • If there is already some logs, hit the “Clear button“, it’ll be generally the 2nd button on Top-Left of the Developer Tools window
  • Hit the play button in the Main Window
  • If it is autoplaying already
    • stop it
    • check for the URL params (if you can spot an autoplay flag in the url)
    • remove it, and press enter
  • Now, our column of interest in the table is the MIME type (or, simply the “Type“) column
    • Click on the header of the Type column (i.e. where the Type text appears)
    • This will sort all the logged requests alphabetically
    • Search for the MIME type `audio/mpeg`
      • The first column corresponding to this MIME type contains the URL
      • Right-click on the URL
      • Open in New Tab
      • Go to the New Tab
      • Press Ctrl+S to save the audio file
  • Downloading approach will remain similar in other browsers
  • For Safari, you’ve to enable Developer Mode from Preferences first. After which you’ll be able to see the Inspect Element Option.

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