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How the Internet might have noticed the miniscule change in the Google logo

Almost a year back Google did something that nobody could notice, but eventually the Internet ( or more specifically a Redditor) noticed it. And there were tons of reaction to it.

Google Changed Its Logo This Weekend and You Didn't Even Notice
Google Changed Its Logo This Weekend and You Didn’t Even Notice

But, how could someone notice such a small change?
This mystery has the right to remain unfolded until the Redditor [/u/nal1200] speaks up.

Until then following are some guesses:

  • An Insider leaked the information
    • Someone might have radically thought about it – that when they roll out this pixel-wide-change and make someone shout about it in a community full of equally radical nerds and geeks, it is going to freak everyone out there.
    • If see the bonus tip at bottom of this blog, the above seems highly probable
    • And also read about the 50 shades of Blue episode too
    • And why forget the tagline in Google Maps – One Does Not Simply Walk Into Mordor
    • But if I were to think the probability of this, I’d say it is feeble. Because –
      1. I dont think I would have done it to create such an outrage. If I had written it, I’d have thrown in some wise Upworthy/BuzzFeed style into it, with a bit of personalization –
      2. “To all nerds and geeks out there, I made such a change in the logo in the world’s most famous internet connection testing website that it’s gonna blow your mind”.

      3. Nope. Nope. Nope. Impossible.
      4. Probably, I lack the imagination
      5. Yeah, I lack the imagination

Designers play often with such things e.g. zomato kept its font name to “ZomatoIsHiring” for design nerds and typography enthusiasts to inspect and find it out. It serves the purpose perfectly.

Right to Brag:  I suspect it to be either Calibri or Gotham Rounded

  • An outsider inspected the element
    • In chrome the default home page has a google logo in it. And it can be inspected.
    • It comes from the web, although it cached for long time max-age=31536000

Imagine a bored guy who drags the google logo every time and drops in a next-tab. He happens to read the URL everyday such that he has almost memorized it and has started to think what could be the meaning of 10w until one day it suddenly changes to 11w.


10W Old Google Logo
10W Old Google Logo
11W new Google Logo
11W new Google Logo

He changes the logo URL to 10w again. To his surprise the old logo still exists. Bingo! They changed the url. Now, let’s move to-and-fro between the URLs. Oh yeah, there is a change.

  1. Bonus Tip #1:
    Scarecrow3 – When you Google search “kerning” they change the kerning every time “kerning” appears in the results.
    moderntechnology – And if you search “keming” Google tightens it.
  2. Bonus Tip #2:
    All the previous logos exist too. Try decrementing the number by 1 at a time and see the history unfold before your eyes

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