i am web developer – in solidarity with Remy Sharp

I’m an Engineer, I’m a Web Developer. I understand float:left;; I’m a web designer & I know what Alt + Ctrl + Shift + S does and I understand OOP. Totally proud, no shame.

Although I’ve an Engineering Degree (not in computer science), yet I did not understand what SRP meant until I clicked the link.

I’ve been working with UI for over 4 years now – meaning photoshop, html, css and JS. And not JSP, your typical front-end engineering (although I do it now). I do not do sudo su everyday nor I by-heart POSIX commands. I don’t do binary-search, nor I write bloom filters. I do not execute SQL nor I SSH into servers for file drops.

I perfectly understand Object oriented principles (probably because of my degree) but I love CSS. I hate it when back-end developers ridicule developers of our kind with an attitude like – “how difficult would it be to move a button from the footer to the header

In solidarity with REM – That Remy Sharp is a Web Developer, not an engineer. https://t.co/SYM3e0p3nw so am I, there is no shame in it. @rem

You think front end development is easy? Good luck.


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