Murphy’s Laws of Web Development

Murphy’s Laws of “Web Development”

Murphy’s Laws of “Web Development”

  1. A web developer starting from scratch is clueless about where to begin for approx. 0.57% of the total development time.
  2. Every developer has stayed clueless about why his/her javascript is not working for at least 1.05% of development time. It mostly happens to be an unclosed script tag
  3. A web designer (Photoshop guy) will always have a web developer who he/she adores the most. They have never worked together actually.
  4. Designers knows target audience better. Developer knows the target device/browser better. Both know the other one is stupid and hate each other.
  5. Other employees in the company believe that web developers actually design mailers
  6. Every web developer has been asked at least once in their lifetime to design something in Photoshop, or even worse, a cover for RFP Doc or a PPT for Pitching
  7. Every web developer meets a .NET / Java developer at least once in a lifetime. The first meeting is always as pleasant as the subsequent horrible interactions
  8. A web developer’s ability to remember textual information from web pages is directly proportional to his/her experience
  9. CSS is more trial-n-error than predefined work process/procedures (even after Twitter Bootstrap arrived)
  10. We all have that web developer with us who reads fastest among us from stack-overflow
  11. If it were a master’s card ad – There are some client requirements that nobody can meet, for everything else there’s is stack-overflow
  12. 4 out of 3 web developers hate IE (if you did n’t get it you’re bad at Math and if you understood this, well, you know everyone hates IE)
  13. A guy very-good at html-css-js-jquery-mootools-kendoui-dojo-photoshop-illustrator-php-joomla-wordpress-magento-ruby-mysql is an Error 404
  14. Every developer dreams of owning (a costly) Apple product and ultimately settles for a less costly alternative
  15. JS code obfuscation tools aren’t always necessary. When the app grows, it naturally becomes obfuscated.
  16. still more coming…

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