TIL: Mozilla’s draft on ES6

Draft ECMA-262, 6th Edition / Draft April 3, 2015 : 


Optimized Tail calls in ES6 in Strict Mode

Source Dr. Axel Rauschmayer‘s blog ②ality –
ECMAScript 6 will have tail call optimization: If a function call is the last action in a function, it is handled via a “jump”, not via a “subroutine call”. That means that, if you slightly rewrote computeMaxCallStackSize(), it would run forever under ECMAScript 6 (in strict mode):

    function computeMaxCallStackSize(size) {
        size = size || 1;
        return computeMaxCallStackSize(size + 1);

What is JavaScript’s highest integer value that a Number can go to without losing precision?

Answer: 9007199254740992
Source: stackoverflow.com


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