How to make soup at home in 4 minutes?

caution: If it tastes bad then you’ve made it wrong, my recipe isn’t bad at all, and parental supervision required of course.

Safety first, so follow all safety measures all the time, even while cooking.


required: corn flour, soft veggies, salt, pepper (can replace with red chili powder, but it smells too spicy), water

good to have: biryani masala, (grinded) assorted indian spices (for fragrance) or garam masala powder, black salt

too fancy to have: boiled sweet/baby corn, boiled whatever (make sure those are cooked), boiled meat (if you’re not vegan)

How much:

Corn Flour – 1-2 tbsp Water – 400ml (make sure you maintain this ratio of water to cornflour) Soft Veggies – 1 tomato, half onion , For a fancy soup you can add any other vegetables which should get cooked in 4 min. Otherwise you’ve to pre-cook them. You can try with cooked mushrooms, shrimps/prawns, or boiled chicken/fish/meat. For meat lovers, make sure you don’t disgust yourselves with the smell of it. To overcome the smell, we generally add fragrant grinded spices. Salt – To Taste Pepper – To taste


Cut the veggies into fine pieces. If you’re adding anything else, then cut those into fine pieces as well. However, if you’ve precooked items, then you need not cut them small. The objective of making smaller pieces is to ensure that they get cooked within 4-5 minutes. Corn flour is the thickening agent. Adding too much will make the soup very thick, and adding too less will make it watery. 1-2 tbsp per 400ml worked for me. If it gets too thick for you, just add water.

How to cook:

  • Mix cornflour with water when cold and put them in a sauce pan. Mix it well.
  • Place the sauce pan on the stove and heat the mixture.
  • Add veggies, tomatoes, onions etc.
  • Add a little spices mix (whichever you have)
  • Add salt (to taste)
  • Let it cook for 4-5 min. If the mix gets thicker, then water it down. But be careful while doing it. Don’t add too much of it.
  • When you feel the the veggies got cooked, take the mix out in a bowl. Add black salt to taste, add a little curry powder, add pepper to taste. Add any kind of sauce you like to taste.
  • Why add these last: To keep the original soup free from condiments. Because everyone may not like spiciness.

Your soup should be ready now. Careful, it’d be still hot, but that should be tasty too. Enjoy !!


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