Eating Raw Eggs (slightly non-hardcore way)

Caution: Raw eggs may contain bacteria e.g. salmonella, which may cause dysentery or diarrhea. And do not try this if you’re allergic to eggs.

I’ve been gymming since past few weeks. Protein supplements are costly and therefore, I went with natural regular food based protein intake.

IMO eggs are the cheapest source of protein, next to peanuts. Unlike peanuts, they carry lesser calories, and decent amount of fat. And, Fat & Cholesterol are necessary for testosterone. People usually cook eggs either by boiling or frying them. But high temperatures can destroy protein. Therefore, eating raw eggs is more beneficial than eating cooked ones (more).

So, here is how I do it


  • Break 1 raw egg into a bowl
  • Add a teaspoon of custard powder and stir well
  • Make sure the powder mixes well
  • Break two more raw eggs into the mix
  • Add a tablespoon of sugar (you may add less if you prefer to)
  • Optional – Add a pinch of salt (and, this is a matter of taste, you can
  • Stir well, you can use a mixer if you prefer

Now, it’s ready. Gulp it.


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