Published on April 1, 1999, RFC2549 is an Experimental Protocol for the Internet as found at: https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc2549 which suggests  using Avian carriers, meaning birds, over other mediums of data transfer and goes into describing the possible implications of it.

This was an amendment to RFC1149, published exactly 9 years before on the same date i.e. on April 1, 1990. Contrary to the former suggestion which involved data delivery only by birds on a small scroll of paper, the modern suggestion suggested sending data over magnetic tapes flown overseas using Concorde’s expedited data delivery, or heavier payloads delivered on Ostriches instead of birds that can fly. More can be explored on the same, ironically, on the internet.

In December 2005, a Gartner published a report on bird flu that concluded “A pandemic wouldn’t affect IT systems directly” – wikipedia

It’s not surprising to see, that both RFCs were filed by the same person, David Waitzman, although from different physical and email addresses, and of course employers.

Never underestimate the bandwidth of PigeonNet! – mayupvoterandomly

The intention of this RFC was to create a protocol that would provide high delay, low/high throughput, and low altitude data carrier services. Readers may visit the following links to learn more about the RFC.

“the carriers have an intrinsic collision avoidance system,” a problem that afflicts the transfer of data on crowded networks – cnet

Readers are also encouraged to ask questions like


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