What is it that you fear about `death`?

While getting drunk with friends on a night atop a water tank, atop a building, a movie-director-friend asks this question ‘Why death is so scary? What’s it that we fear about death?’. The audience, high on drinks, wanted anything but cliché.

We were talking about death in the normalcy, hence, a ‘violent gory gruesome death’ was of course out of the way. The consensus –

The biggest fear we’ve about death is – dying alone, in silence, unnoticed.

Millions die everyday. Nobody cares. I don’t want to be one of those millions who are forgotten. When I die, I want my death to be noticed, I do want that people should feel sad for losing me, they should miss me. I want their attention, I seek their love. I want to live in their memories and I want my story to be told to their children.

..I don’t do this for the money, or the fame, or the glory. I do it because when you write a song, it’s the closest thing to immortality that you are ever going to taste, and when it goes to the public it is magic

Bon Jovi  (Read

Perhaps, it’s our yearning for immortality, that makes death so scary. And, living in people’s memories – is the closest possible alternative.


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