Bookmarks: August, 2016

  1. Jake Archibald: Performance benefits of norelopener and the security implications
  2. TCP/TLS: TLS Handshake Mechanism (with diagram)
  3. CDN: CDNs aren’t just for caching
  4. ReactJS: React Perf with description about how the diff-ing algorithm works
  5. PWA: Flipkart: Case study for progressive webapps
  6. PWA Apps: Konga: Cuts its data usage by 72%: Case study and youtube video
  7. Joke: Datatypes in languages
  8. A/B Testing Tips: 19 obvious AB Tests that should be performed
  9. Top A/B Testing Blogs
  10. Optimizely A/B Testing tips
  11. Addy Osmani: Scroll Anchoring and feedback
  12. Jake Archibald: jaffathecake
  13. Coding Conventions/Best Practices
  14. New kids (frameworks) in the block – ELM, RiotJS, Preact
  15. Github Repos worth watching: React Hacker news

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