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Great Quotations

On being master of many trades and desist being a stagnant specialist of one trade

The devout specialist is fond of labelling the impetuous learner as an incompetent imposter – Tim Ferris

The 80-20 rule

20% of a language’s vocabulary will enable you to communicate and understand at least 80% of the framework

About Gartner

Those who can do, do. Others Gartner.

And console.log this
`to %c🚀 ${'infinity'} %c ${'and'} %c ${'beyond'}`, 'color:#F88;', 'color:#88F;', 'color:#1B9;'

Why did you underline that text in the book? Everything is important in the book. – My Geography teacher, Nayak Sir

He was right. On the internet, everything feels important and there is FOMO and fear of losing information associated. You can never have it all. That’s saddening and that suddenly reminded me of my Geography teacher.

  • Shell script syntax highlight – search for this sublime plugin and update the urls

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