(WIP)Articles: Colonialism and Homophobia


POC – People of color, everybody except caucasians

LGBT in the Modern Day

Popular Articles

The Guardian – Africa: homophobia is a legacy of colonialism

  • Most Africans don’t recognize homophobia as a colonial legacy
  • Before colonialism, many traditional cultures were tolerant of different sexualities and gender relations.
  • E.g. In the Ganda or Baganda Tribe, (Uganda’s largest ethnic group) women from the royal clan are addressed with male titles and may or may not be required to perform duties expected of women.

Slate: How American Evangelicals Infected Uganda

Role of Christianity

  • Tribal Chiefs and Village Courts of law were traditionally the hallmark of conflict resolution.
  • But those were traded for a European Penal Code system post colonialism, which included the criminalization of homosexuality.
  • Sodomy laws would not have impacted African sexual politics without the influence of Christianity.
  • Christianity was used to whitewash African culture as primitive and to demonize traditional interpretations of African intimacies.
  • The bible became the credo of African morality, disordering African sexuality to missionary positions of heteronormativity (ie. the idea that heterosexuality is the only ‘natural’ sexual orientation).

Islam and Homophobia

  • Homophobia among religious extremist bodies like ISIS are attributed to their extreme religious beliefs.
  • But homoerotic themes and pederasty could be found in many poetry and other literature written by Muslims presented in positive light belonging to the medieval period (5th to the 15th century).
  • Modern Day

Modern Day Islam

  • The modern Islamic law criminalizes homosexuality but the punishment is not part of the rule book, and it is usually left to the discretion of the local authorities on Islam, unlike

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