Work Ethics and Core Values

■ Be polite – Maintain a soft submissive voice
■ Respect the differences and work in cohesion as a team

■ Stay updated – follow people, consume content relevant to hard-skill in office (if any spare time left)
■ Stay Focused – avoid distractions while working, consume soft content outside office
■ Stay Accountable – be the person people trust, be the person people believe and count on, own the shortcomings and share the recognition, raise concerns timely
■ Inspire – Stay ahead of the peers and competition, benchmark existing standards, Learn and share the learning, Keep exploring for new stuff and bring the passion along with you everytime you enter the workplace

I’ve been a very bad employee before. I apologize for being occasionally  rude to my fellow peers. I used to whine about skill gaps, lack of knowledge, over commitment and attitude to work etc. I’ve realized lately that we’ve differences in skills, knowledge and attitude and as a team, we should respect each other’s differences and work in cohesion towards the common goal.


Other Core Values

  • I’d prefer dying with the regret that I couldn’t do enough for the world I lived in, than dying with the satisfaction that I lived ‘my’ life to the fullest.
  • Maintain fewer possessions and lesser attachment


I blog about

■ Technology
■ Life
■ Fitness
■ Open Source Software
■ APIs
■ Design
■ Humor

Disclaimer – Views expressed/Posts are mine & have nothing to do with my employer(s)


About me
■ Web Developer
■ Hobby Game Developer, Designer and Music Composer
■ and, Closet Design Critic

My Bucketlist
■ bucketlist.org/list/deveedutta

Problems that I’m interested to work on:
■ video streaming/buffering problems while loading from S3
■ rendering performance problems
■ machine learning and gambling – exploration, how these 2 gel
■ webgl, canvas, 3D, SVG, Infographics / Visulaisations
■ Web security, Deal with SOP/ XSS / CSRF / CORS

Languages I can speak
■ Odiya
■ English
■ Hindi
■ Bengali
■ Java
■ Objective C
■ Javascript
■ C
■ C++

Languages I want to learn
■ Russian
■ French
■ Telugu
■ Ruby
■ Python
■ Haskell
■ Typography
■ Design
■ Marketing
■ Product Owner/Manager
■ UX Architect

Good at
■ JavaScript
■ Dreaming
■ Procrastinating
■ Forgetting
■ Logical Thinking
■ Quick Decision Making
■ Investigating

Not so good at
■ Databases
■ Fast Calculation
■ Tax Work
■ Memory
■ Making Jokes
■ Shopping
■ Designing
■ Deliberate Decision Making

■ Food
■ Internet
■ Sarcasm
■ Memes
■ Shapes
■ Architecture
■ Science
■ Inventions
■ Airplanes
■ Start Ups
■ TODJ Puns

■ Glider
■ Drones
■ Home Office with Dark Wood Furnitures, with Contemporary Art Work
■ A Piano
■ A Saxophone
■ Happiness & World Peace
■ And, by happiness I mean, I dont want to see situations like this http://www.todby.com/2016/05/man-sells-pens-on-street-to-survive.html and will do everything to solve this problem for everyone
Turn Ons
■ Intelligence
■ Quick Wit
■ Humour
■ Rational Behaviour
■ Good Code

Turn Offs
■ Misbehaviour
■ Arrogance
■ Stupidity
■ Consumerism

Hi I’m Deveedutta. Nice to meet you.

I’m a Front-end Engineer.
I work with JSP, HTML, Javascript, CSS and Photoshop (yes, I’m good at both). I also create web applications using Node.JS and MongoDB.
As a hobby programmer, I enjoy programming in Objective C (not iOS apps, but COCOS2D games).
I like algorithms – Dynamic Programming is still in my area of improvement though.
I love Unix Based Operating Systems..
And I love to open . and ssh -i

What I do when I’m not working?

If I’m not working on my office tasks, then I’ll be sketching out a new product idea or may be I’ll be writing into my cloud docs about how I’ll architect a website if asked to create one from scratch.

and, last I want to say

Motivation has colour, it’s Dark Brown



Motivational Lines

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Integer posuere erat a ante. - By Someone famous in Source Title, sourced from getbootstrap.com


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