Circle of 8 – A Non-profit project

Saving lives during emergencies

Shorterm Goal: Application for finding blood donors during emergency

Future Plans:

  • Emergency Contact
  • Panic Button
  • Telephone Tracking

Idea proposed by: Biswajit Nayak


“Circle of 8” is the circle of 8 people where your circle consists of 7 of your closest people, including your family members who you’ll reach out to incase you need blood urgently.

If everyone of us forms such circles of 8 people, we’ll make a network of blood donors. In case your circle doesn’t contain any donors with a particular blood group type, you can reach out to anyone close to you for it.

Generally, at emergencies, we reach out to our relatives, or friends nearby, who we know well, for blood donation. In such circumstances, this can save lives.

Why 8?
8 was simply a number, initially proposed by Biswajit. To me, 8 represents

  • Two drops of blood, one inverted above another, indicating transfusion
  • A rotated Infinity symbol
  • An Hour Glass, representing hours of need
  • Twice the size of a nuclear family
  • This number is perfect. It is small, therefore, one can remember the 8 people in the circle.

What we’ll do?

  • Make a Website to publish the idea
  • Allow people to connect socially and invite their closest 8 people & register them
  • Allow people to search for nearest related member for a particular blood group/type
  • Make mobile apps where people will register their circle of 8 people.
  • They can search for closest donors during hours of need

Problems with existing applications
Existing applications allow you to query for donors in a region. But it is not favorable for someone during emergency hours to contact donors out of the blue. Because, it is always easier to ask friends and relatives for blood donation than a stranger.

Why we need your help?

  • We need to spread the word around
  • Attract developer community’s attention to help us / suggest us in building applications
  • Attract designer community’s attention to improve the user experience of the app
  • Attract Users who can use it to save lives
  • Make the app popular to make it the One-stop during all emergencies
  • Attract donations for the project
  • Expecting inputs from the community.

Regards @deveedutta


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