Fitness tips: Healthy Food vs Unhealthy Food

We’ve talked enough on these. It’s about time we’ve seen people whining about fat and calories in their foods and talk about eating salads, sprouts and stupid health drinks.

I’d say that’s total bullsh*t.

When you go and workout, you burn calories. You still need more calories to withstand those burns and keep walking until the next day. You need all that fat & cholesterol for your testosterones, proteins for your muscles to grow and repair.

Human body is an intelligent machine and it’s receptive. If you feed it more energy than it requires, it stores them. Your objective is to take in all that calorie and burn that all the next day during your workout.

People with a sedentary lifestyle will complain about how little time they had. I be like – Really? Is that your excuse not to workout.

Let me tell you something. I took a 300 push up challenge last day & guess what 20 push ups and 5 pull ups take 2 minutes altogether. That’s lesser than the time it’d take you to brew your coffee. And, it safely burns your daily average calorie intake.

That said, there are precautions you’ve to take like – raw foods may contain bacteria, stale food is a strict no no. If you’re allergic to something, then don’t eat that.

In my case eating oily foods before workout resulted in heartburns, so I totally avoid it & recommend not going for that before workouts. But after workouts, you name it & I eat it.

Recently we saw articles about processed foods like bacon could cause cancer. So, if you don’t like to eat fast food or processed food, then go the natural way – you have milk, yoghurt, peanuts, cream, eggs, rice, pulses and what not.

So, the conclusion – Food is important for your body. Don’t classify it as healthy or unhealthy. And,

Da fuq you say, there is no such thing as unhealthy food. It’s not the food, it’s your lifestyle choices which are unhealthy.

Bonus video:


What’s the best time to workout?

answer – any god damned time

If you’re being a couch potato, sitting idle in front of that tv, finding reasons not to work out then you don’t need a right time for working out at all.

If you want to be trusted, then you have to be sincere with every commitment you make. Question here is – Do you trust yourself? Yes/No/Maybe? Are you sincere enough towards yourself? Did you do what you committed to yourself? More importantly, if you can not trust yourself with something, then you don’t deserve to be trusted by anyone else.

Watch this video through of a guy’s transformation story of 10 weeks. Precisely, snap to 2:40 in the time. This guy speaks up – what was his right time for training.

His commitment to self is incredible. After watching this video, ask this question to yourself again. You’ll get the answer.

Eating Raw Eggs (slightly non-hardcore way)

Caution: Raw eggs may contain bacteria e.g. salmonella, which may cause dysentery or diarrhea. And do not try this if you’re allergic to eggs.

I’ve been gymming since past few weeks. Protein supplements are costly and therefore, I went with natural regular food based protein intake.

IMO eggs are the cheapest source of protein, next to peanuts. Unlike peanuts, they carry lesser calories, and decent amount of fat. And, Fat & Cholesterol are necessary for testosterone. People usually cook eggs either by boiling or frying them. But high temperatures can destroy protein. Therefore, eating raw eggs is more beneficial than eating cooked ones (more).

So, here is how I do it


  • Break 1 raw egg into a bowl
  • Add a teaspoon of custard powder and stir well
  • Make sure the powder mixes well
  • Break two more raw eggs into the mix
  • Add a tablespoon of sugar (you may add less if you prefer to)
  • Optional – Add a pinch of salt (and, this is a matter of taste, you can
  • Stir well, you can use a mixer if you prefer

Now, it’s ready. Gulp it.