Woes of social media: Tinder

CID has been running successfully in India since 19 years, yes, today i.e 30th April, it’s exactly 19 years since their pilot episode.

There was an episode where CID was investigating a serial murder case -they suspect a kidney racket behind these. They revisit the victims’ houses to reexamine for any clues left behind, interrogate witnesses & people they knew. They find nothing to link these victims, except a gift mug with a Zodiac sign. Although, a mug may not emerge as an incriminating evidence, they still try to trace where those mugs were purchased from & who bought them. They find all were bought from the same shop, and the buyer being a coupe, one of them would be anyone from the victims, and the other was a girl.

They hunt the girl down. But, she doesn’t seem to have any records of past criminal activity. They realise the story doesn’t end with the girl. There is a racket involved in it.

CID decides to let go Inspector Daya as an under cover officer. Daya assumes his new role, as a gym buff and tries to woo the girl, who happens to frequent the same gym. Daya & the girl start dating. CID still keeps observing every activity. All of a sudden, on one of the dates, in a pub, the girl sedates Daya. A crashing fainting Daya is helped by 4 other unidentified men, hanging around the same pub, to be taken into his car. But then, they take him into an ambulance, which doubles as a moving operation theatre.

Thankfully, CID intervenes in time & rescues Daya & arrests more people and surgeons involved in the racket.

Now, I leave it to the reader’s imagination.

Suppose, Daya were not a police officer & it were you instead. You happen to find this girl on tinder and you happen to go on several more dates with her until you start to trust her. Then, on a fateful day you’re sedated & then the next thing the world knows that your body organs were stolen and you died.

People are often conservative and feel shy about sharing anything, especially if it were a fresh-new blind date on tinder. This story is could be exaggeration. I’d say it’s just a figment of my imagination. But then, can we overlook the possibilities of this ever happening?

We have seen hook ups, break ups, prostitution,  wild tinder profiles, social experiments on people swiping-right on murders, people playing too dangerously, and even deaths.

It’s time.