Published on April 1, 1999, RFC2549 is an Experimental Protocol for the Internet as found at: https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc2549 which suggests  using Avian carriers, meaning birds, over other mediums of data transfer and goes into describing the possible implications of it.

This was an amendment to RFC1149, published exactly 9 years before on the same date i.e. on April 1, 1990. Contrary to the former suggestion which involved data delivery only by birds on a small scroll of paper, the modern suggestion suggested sending data over magnetic tapes flown overseas using Concorde’s expedited data delivery, or heavier payloads delivered on Ostriches instead of birds that can fly. More can be explored on the same, ironically, on the internet.

In December 2005, a Gartner published a report on bird flu that concluded “A pandemic wouldn’t affect IT systems directly” – wikipedia

It’s not surprising to see, that both RFCs were filed by the same person, David Waitzman, although from different physical and email addresses, and of course employers.

Never underestimate the bandwidth of PigeonNet! – mayupvoterandomly

The intention of this RFC was to create a protocol that would provide high delay, low/high throughput, and low altitude data carrier services. Readers may visit the following links to learn more about the RFC.

“the carriers have an intrinsic collision avoidance system,” a problem that afflicts the transfer of data on crowded networks – cnet

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baby gifs compilation – 1

1. This guy is totally clueless


2. this is what happens when mom isn’t around

This dad is such a (no words for him).
I mean, com’on, who does it to their baby? Although it’s cute, it’s funny, this smiling adorable little devil.. but who the fuck on the earth does it to their baby, dear dad, u r such a (again, no words to describe)
Simon: Doc, here is some specimen. Do a round of elasticity testing.
Doctor: yaaaaaaay.. let’s stress test this cute stuff
Simon: Doc, Inference?

Doctor: This is some uncontrollable amount of cuteness, and has very high Young’s Modulus of Adorability


3. And the creator of this gif is inhuman


4. Apparently not everyone is into pets

 mlem mlem mlem mlem mlem mlem mlem

4. Woah Bubbles


5. Redditors be like


6. When the mommy gets more than what she asked for


7. (spoiler)..Han solo dies in the end




8. YaaY YaaY YaaY GIPHY!!!



Black Friday Humor

Today, Cards Against Humanity has succeeded in selling nothing to many of its customers and in turn banging 64 grands. But when this customer reported a failure in transaction to its customer support, hilarity ensued.

At the same time, today, Slack went down. And, this gentleman’s question ended up making the official twitter account make a funnier repartee.

Bonus: The Pinocchio’s Paradox

Pillow Fight Pranks – they can restore your faith in humanity

A stranger out of nowhere throws a pillow at another unwary stranger, they just happen to catch it out of their reflexes, and before they could  comprehend anything, they’re bashed with the pillow. In an act of defense, they fight back, of course with a pillow. And fun ensues.

It just happened to me that one day that one of my x-colleagues shared a gif on facebook – a pillow fight gif. That post totally made my day. Instantly, I felt how cheerfully these folks are fighting with each other, that’s just so cute.

And, I couldn’t resist, and created myself a youtube playlist of these videos. I insist you watch all of them – the more you watch, the funnier & lovelier it gets.

Collection of best Pens

Button Concept

See the Pen Button Concept by Chris Deacy (@chrisdothtml) on CodePen.

Pens tagged with “canvas animation”



















Murphy’s Laws of Web Development

Murphy’s Laws of “Web Development”

Murphy’s Laws of “Web Development”

  1. A web developer starting from scratch is clueless about where to begin for approx. 0.57% of the total development time.
  2. Every developer has stayed clueless about why his/her javascript is not working for at least 1.05% of development time. It mostly happens to be an unclosed script tag
  3. A web designer (Photoshop guy) will always have a web developer who he/she adores the most. They have never worked together actually.
  4. Designers knows target audience better. Developer knows the target device/browser better. Both know the other one is stupid and hate each other.
  5. Other employees in the company believe that web developers actually design mailers
  6. Every web developer has been asked at least once in their lifetime to design something in Photoshop, or even worse, a cover for RFP Doc or a PPT for Pitching
  7. Every web developer meets a .NET / Java developer at least once in a lifetime. The first meeting is always as pleasant as the subsequent horrible interactions
  8. A web developer’s ability to remember textual information from web pages is directly proportional to his/her experience
  9. CSS is more trial-n-error than predefined work process/procedures (even after Twitter Bootstrap arrived)
  10. We all have that web developer with us who reads fastest among us from stack-overflow
  11. If it were a master’s card ad – There are some client requirements that nobody can meet, for everything else there’s is stack-overflow
  12. 4 out of 3 web developers hate IE (if you did n’t get it you’re bad at Math and if you understood this, well, you know everyone hates IE)
  13. A guy very-good at html-css-js-jquery-mootools-kendoui-dojo-photoshop-illustrator-php-joomla-wordpress-magento-ruby-mysql is an Error 404
  14. Every developer dreams of owning (a costly) Apple product and ultimately settles for a less costly alternative
  15. JS code obfuscation tools aren’t always necessary. When the app grows, it naturally becomes obfuscated.
  16. still more coming…
status ok 200 blog element logo

How the Internet might have noticed the miniscule change in the Google logo

Almost a year back Google did something that nobody could notice, but eventually the Internet ( or more specifically a Redditor) noticed it. And there were tons of reaction to it.

Google Changed Its Logo This Weekend and You Didn't Even Notice
Google Changed Its Logo This Weekend and You Didn’t Even Notice

But, how could someone notice such a small change?
This mystery has the right to remain unfolded until the Redditor [/u/nal1200] speaks up.

Until then following are some guesses:

  • An Insider leaked the information
    • Someone might have radically thought about it – that when they roll out this pixel-wide-change and make someone shout about it in a community full of equally radical nerds and geeks, it is going to freak everyone out there.
    • If see the bonus tip at bottom of this blog, the above seems highly probable
    • And also read about the 50 shades of Blue episode too
    • And why forget the tagline in Google Maps – One Does Not Simply Walk Into Mordor
    • But if I were to think the probability of this, I’d say it is feeble. Because –
      1. I dont think I would have done it to create such an outrage. If I had written it, I’d have thrown in some wise Upworthy/BuzzFeed style into it, with a bit of personalization –
      2. “To all nerds and geeks out there, I made such a change in the logo in the world’s most famous internet connection testing website that it’s gonna blow your mind”.

      3. Nope. Nope. Nope. Impossible.
      4. Probably, I lack the imagination
      5. Yeah, I lack the imagination

Designers play often with such things e.g. zomato kept its font name to “ZomatoIsHiring” for design nerds and typography enthusiasts to inspect and find it out. It serves the purpose perfectly.

Right to Brag:  I suspect it to be either Calibri or Gotham Rounded

  • An outsider inspected the element
    • In chrome the default home page has a google logo in it. And it can be inspected.
    • It comes from the web, although it cached for long time max-age=31536000

Imagine a bored guy who drags the google logo every time and drops in a next-tab. He happens to read the URL everyday such that he has almost memorized it and has started to think what could be the meaning of 10w until one day it suddenly changes to 11w.


10W Old Google Logo
10W Old Google Logo
11W new Google Logo
11W new Google Logo

He changes the logo URL to 10w again. To his surprise the old logo still exists. Bingo! They changed the url. Now, let’s move to-and-fro between the URLs. Oh yeah, there is a change.

  1. Bonus Tip #1:
    Scarecrow3 – When you Google search “kerning” they change the kerning every time “kerning” appears in the results.
    moderntechnology – And if you search “keming” Google tightens it.
  2. Bonus Tip #2:
    All the previous logos exist too. Try decrementing the number by 1 at a time and see the history unfold before your eyes