There was no internet in office yesterday. We did n’t plank, so you can guess we are not into fitness as much as our silicon valley counterparts. But we did something else. We flipped the chairs to engage in human-to-human-conversation, on all sorts of topics, technology, hypothesis, marketing, growth hacking.

Food is free in office (fall for it people, this is another reason you should work for a startup like us… hihihi). Yesterday lunch arrived a little late.

No internet = No work

Hence, only worry in left in life at that moment was – hunger.

I and Shyam were sitting in the pantry, waiting for food, talking some stupid stuff (precisely, I was doing the stupid part, shyam was doing the talking part). Ranadheer, we call him Rana, our Head of Products, although he prefers to call himself a product manager, came in, saw us and snarkily said Aaahn! See the desperate folks are sitting here already, Shyam smirked.

Then ensued a chain of discussions when Rana stopped at one point, said

“I forgot the name. This has been happening since sometime, may be I’m getting old.”

Me – “May be you’re reading a lot these days?”

Rana – “That could be true as well. I’ve been reading a lot since last few days”

Shyam – “Short term memory loss of a kind?”

Alzheimer’s disease is defined as a progressive disease that destroys memory and other important mental functions. Short term memory loss is one of the symptoms.

Rana went on to narrate the story of his mother. In his words –

My mother is in her late seventies now.And now she has started showing the symptoms of Alzheimer’s. She recognizes me and some other people. But she won’t remember when we met for the last time.

Few years back, when I visited her, she used to have a laundry list of complaints, formed of her anxieties, worries and fears. Like she’ll go whining about why her son visits her only once in a month, when she will see her grandson doing x, when will she meet Y etc. I’ve observed, as she grew old, her anxieties kept building up over the years. At the end of the day, she’ll be a sad old lady who has a lot of worries but she will be helpless about it. It was very saddening to see it happening.

…now, when she has forgotten everything, she is a happy lady

But now, when she has forgotten everything, she is a happy lady. It’s pretty astounding to see this. All of her worries are gone. She is no longer a whining old lady. She no longer fires those questions at me. Although, she’ll occasionally ask me if I’ll come next month or not, but that’s totally ok. I’m happy to see this transformation in her. In the coming years she will forget even more of the stuff. It’s good anyway. I’m happy to see her this way.

Shyam echoed the same sentiments and narrated his story about his grandmother.

My grandmother has Alzheimer’s too. But isn’t it a strange phenomena that people don’t forget everything, like, you know, those things deeply buried in the mind. I’ll give you an example, she doesn’t recognize me often, people around will have to tell her about me before she makes sense of me being there. It’s depressing,a bit disappointing that she forgot me, but you know, every morning when someone plays some records, she’ll recite & hum along the raga. She knows most ragas & still remembers them. Like, if someone plays one on the tv or on the record, she recognizes it immediately.

..every morning when someone plays some records, she’ll recite & hum along the raga. She knows most ragas & still remembers them..


Baffled with the deeper meaning this conversation carried, I thought to myself – Clearly the brain works in strange ways.

You forget all attachments, all regrets that you had in life, may be the sorrowful memories you had, and also the lovable memories you cherish all the time. It deprives you of the thoughts that would have made you feel attached in turn would have made your exit difficult.

It’s like the brain preparing you to be happy, may be in a invasive manner by erasing memories of people and events, and thus, erasing all emotions attached to all worldly possessions, so that you won’t have to live in regret and when death comes you’ll embrace it happily.



What’s the best time to workout?

answer – any god damned time

If you’re being a couch potato, sitting idle in front of that tv, finding reasons not to work out then you don’t need a right time for working out at all.

If you want to be trusted, then you have to be sincere with every commitment you make. Question here is – Do you trust yourself? Yes/No/Maybe? Are you sincere enough towards yourself? Did you do what you committed to yourself? More importantly, if you can not trust yourself with something, then you don’t deserve to be trusted by anyone else.

Watch this video through of a guy’s transformation story of 10 weeks. Precisely, snap to 2:40 in the time. This guy speaks up – what was his right time for training.

His commitment to self is incredible. After watching this video, ask this question to yourself again. You’ll get the answer.

स्वयमेव मृगेन्द्रता (SWAYAMEVA MRUGENDRATA)

What does स्वयमेव मृगेन्द्रता, SWAYAMEVA MRUGENDRATA mean?

You may see it going along with Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh(HSS)’s emblem

Courtesy: HSS Websites & their G+ page

And often below the logo/emblem of every Saraswati Sishu/Vidya Mandir where a young boy is seen playing with his hand in the mouth of an adult (male) lion.


The statement has a truly inspirational meaning to it.

Swayam(स्वयम) stands for self.

Mruga/Mriga (मृग) stands for deer. However, in this context, it stands for all the animals of the forest.

Indra(इन्द्र), although the namesake suggests the king/leader of all devasit can also refer to the king or the master in general.

So, as perceived, in the context of the forest, a Mrugendra (मृगेन्द्र) stands for the king of all animals of the forest i.e. the lion.

The official meaning of the statement is as follows:

There is no official coronation ceremony (rajyabhishekha) held to crown the lion as the king of the forest. It becomes king by its own attributes and might.

When applied in the context of humans, it basically is about leadership. One doesn’t need any official recognition or ceremony to be identified as a leader. One needs to  enhance his/her personality, build up strength/courage, strong enough to fight or match-the-might of the strongest – to become the leader.

In a detailed article about  Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) and its ideals, Pragya Tiwari writes:

The Sangh’s real strength comes from its founder Dr Hedgewar’s diktat of Swayameva Mrugendrata – find within yourself the strength of the lion.

The same text goes with the emblem of the Saraswati Sishu/Vidya Mandir & fraternity of such schools.

The logo shows a courageous boy playing, or possibly fighting with a lion which represents the courage of the boy that parallels with the king of the forest i.e. the lion.

It asks every soul in this universe to find the strength, the lion, within and encourages to become leaders by virtue of their own might.

Pillow Fight Pranks – they can restore your faith in humanity

A stranger out of nowhere throws a pillow at another unwary stranger, they just happen to catch it out of their reflexes, and before they could  comprehend anything, they’re bashed with the pillow. In an act of defense, they fight back, of course with a pillow. And fun ensues.

It just happened to me that one day that one of my x-colleagues shared a gif on facebook – a pillow fight gif. That post totally made my day. Instantly, I felt how cheerfully these folks are fighting with each other, that’s just so cute.

And, I couldn’t resist, and created myself a youtube playlist of these videos. I insist you watch all of them – the more you watch, the funnier & lovelier it gets.

Collection of best Pens

Button Concept

See the Pen Button Concept by Chris Deacy (@chrisdothtml) on CodePen.

Pens tagged with “canvas animation”



















i am web developer – in solidarity with Remy Sharp

I’m an Engineer, I’m a Web Developer. I understand float:left;; I’m a web designer & I know what Alt + Ctrl + Shift + S does and I understand OOP. Totally proud, no shame.

Although I’ve an Engineering Degree (not in computer science), yet I did not understand what SRP meant until I clicked the link.

I’ve been working with UI for over 4 years now – meaning photoshop, html, css and JS. And not JSP, your typical front-end engineering (although I do it now). I do not do sudo su everyday nor I by-heart POSIX commands. I don’t do binary-search, nor I write bloom filters. I do not execute SQL nor I SSH into servers for file drops.

I perfectly understand Object oriented principles (probably because of my degree) but I love CSS. I hate it when back-end developers ridicule developers of our kind with an attitude like – “how difficult would it be to move a button from the footer to the header

In solidarity with REM – That Remy Sharp is a Web Developer, not an engineer. so am I, there is no shame in it. @rem

You think front end development is easy? Good luck.

status ok 200 blog element logo

How the Internet might have noticed the miniscule change in the Google logo

Almost a year back Google did something that nobody could notice, but eventually the Internet ( or more specifically a Redditor) noticed it. And there were tons of reaction to it.

Google Changed Its Logo This Weekend and You Didn't Even Notice
Google Changed Its Logo This Weekend and You Didn’t Even Notice

But, how could someone notice such a small change?
This mystery has the right to remain unfolded until the Redditor [/u/nal1200] speaks up.

Until then following are some guesses:

  • An Insider leaked the information
    • Someone might have radically thought about it – that when they roll out this pixel-wide-change and make someone shout about it in a community full of equally radical nerds and geeks, it is going to freak everyone out there.
    • If see the bonus tip at bottom of this blog, the above seems highly probable
    • And also read about the 50 shades of Blue episode too
    • And why forget the tagline in Google Maps – One Does Not Simply Walk Into Mordor
    • But if I were to think the probability of this, I’d say it is feeble. Because –
      1. I dont think I would have done it to create such an outrage. If I had written it, I’d have thrown in some wise Upworthy/BuzzFeed style into it, with a bit of personalization –
      2. “To all nerds and geeks out there, I made such a change in the logo in the world’s most famous internet connection testing website that it’s gonna blow your mind”.

      3. Nope. Nope. Nope. Impossible.
      4. Probably, I lack the imagination
      5. Yeah, I lack the imagination

Designers play often with such things e.g. zomato kept its font name to “ZomatoIsHiring” for design nerds and typography enthusiasts to inspect and find it out. It serves the purpose perfectly.

Right to Brag:  I suspect it to be either Calibri or Gotham Rounded

  • An outsider inspected the element
    • In chrome the default home page has a google logo in it. And it can be inspected.
    • It comes from the web, although it cached for long time max-age=31536000

Imagine a bored guy who drags the google logo every time and drops in a next-tab. He happens to read the URL everyday such that he has almost memorized it and has started to think what could be the meaning of 10w until one day it suddenly changes to 11w.


10W Old Google Logo
10W Old Google Logo
11W new Google Logo
11W new Google Logo

He changes the logo URL to 10w again. To his surprise the old logo still exists. Bingo! They changed the url. Now, let’s move to-and-fro between the URLs. Oh yeah, there is a change.

  1. Bonus Tip #1:
    Scarecrow3 – When you Google search “kerning” they change the kerning every time “kerning” appears in the results.
    moderntechnology – And if you search “keming” Google tightens it.
  2. Bonus Tip #2:
    All the previous logos exist too. Try decrementing the number by 1 at a time and see the history unfold before your eyes

My year-long-experience with Delhi Weather

I’m come from a valley city in Odisha called Damanjodi situated amidst the peaks of eastern ghats. As of now, I’ve lived in 5 different cities in India. Initially started off from a half year stint for job hunt in Bangalore, then spent quarter of the year in Chennai for training, then went to Kolkata for a 1.5 year long deputation. After that I left my first job and came back to Bangalore, for a 6 month long stint with an agency, then left for Hyderabad to work for a product company. That’s when I was hypnotized by the success stories of start ups and all the buzz and goodness of being an entrepreneur and decided to quit my job.

Needless to say, the wantrepreneur inside me din’t succeed in making an impact as it was backed with little experience and knowledge in the domain, which eventually led to frustration and finally I gave up.

That’s when I left for Delhi to join the 3rd largest eCommerce company in India. Indeed it was a moment of pride for me.

The story following is a narration of my experience with the weather there, how I vastly underestimated it and how I ended up regretting my move and left this place in frenzy.

My previous experiences with weather

I lived in a valley town where we had the privilege of enjoying cold and dry weather for most part of the year, harsh cold winters lasting for about 3-4 months where lowest recorded temperatures would go up to 0-4 degrees, and merciless cold stormy rainy days which lasted about 4-5 months.

Despite those odds, the temperature variations round the year will be in between 17-22 degrees.

I lived in Paralakhemundi for 4 years for my engineering degree. This place was totally the opposite of anything – terribly hot where the peak temperatures during summers could rise up to 47 degrees.

I remember the day when we were rehearsing in the lecture halls on 1st floor during summer days. Our project was about automatic irrigation & trespasser detection. We had programmed our heat sensors to trigger the irrigation motors if the temperature go above 40 degrees.

Although the initial objective was to do the opposite i.e. irrigate when temperature are the lowest to minimize water loss due to evaporation, but it is easy to simulate higher temperature in a lab while giving the presentations as soldering irons are often handy.

So, we turned on our apparatus and boom – the irrigation motor started buzzing and all of us were taken with shock and surprise and horror. We immediately turned the device off and started apprehending what might have gone wrong. Everyone knows how the last moment failures feel like. But thankfully, one of our mates contemplated and came with a hypothesis and suggested disconnecting the motors and debug the temperature sensors.

“Damn!”, “Curse”, and several other swear words. The display showed the temperature was around 42. And funny that one teammate was on the stand by with the soldering iron for testing. How disappointing that his effort was all set to go in vain!

Moving to Bangalore and Chennai

Moving to Bangalore was bliss. After the hardships of engineering and surviving through the weather in college, finally I was set free to live in the silicon valley of India.

Bangalore was cold, dry and pleasant. It’d often rain in the after noons and during mid nights. And the weather will totally become wow some. Food was costly. Thankfully I found some inexpensive hostels as my shelter.

Then began the job hunts. We were totally broke since most of us had little money on us. We’d walk several kilometers to catch busses, then buy discounted daily bus passes to travel to far off locations and then walk further from the bus stop to interview locations. Often times we’d miss streets and deviate several kilometers away form the target location only to arrive at the correct location after the interviews were over.

Back in Paralakhemundi, a quarter of 8pm whisky used to cost us up to 80 rupees. When compared to that liquor was cheaper in Bangalore. A full bottle of 8pm was just 200 bucks. We’d return home tired & drink all night long only to catch the earliest bus for the farthest interview location in the town.

Eventually I got a job offer. It was in Chennai. My old hostel mate Jason, who was from Goa and looked like a villain from old hindi films, told Chennai was a beautiful city. I believed him.


  • If you’re in Southern part of India, never ever think about coming to Delhi. Kochi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, or even Chennai – It’s way better there. I have lived & I’ve witnessed it. I’ve done the hard work so you don’t have to.
  • If you’re underestimating Delhi’s winter – you had never been so wrong in your life.
  • If you say that I’m over-reacting, I’d say ‘I like the sarcasm in your voice’. I’ll love to see you freak out when you really come here and feel it. And, I must mention – it’ll be my pleasure. Thank you.

Ok, let’s start.

Leaving Hyderabad

So, I had my stint at Chennai, Kolkata, Bangalore and Hyderabad in these 2-3 years. Now, it’s time for the Rajdhani, the National Capital, New Delhi. I boarded my plane from Shamshabad(Hyderabad International Airport, which appears to be somehow owned by GMR). Spice jet flies an Airbus A320 from here.

It was partly cloudy and it had mildly rained when I left my room from Hyderabad around 10:30 in the morning. It was 22-28 degrees probably. Because I remember the usual temperature during August was 29 degrees if it doesn’t rain.

The planes took off at around 13:30, travelled thousands of kilometers and landed at 15:20, 10 minutes ahead of its scheduled landing time. I was immensely happy that I just flew all over Delhi, CR park, saw Qutab Minar, Raj Bhawan (The president’s place), Rajiv Chowk (Connaught Place, residents call it CP & foreigners like us call it Rajiv Chowk) from hundreds of feet above. It feels wonderful to see and land at a well inhabited place. It was unlike any other city’s airports where people live scantily in 10-20km radius of the airport.

Reaching Delhi

The flight attendant speaks her de-boarding monologue – Thanks for using services of Spice Jet. We’ve over-delivered on our promises today on keeping you on time as we landed 10 minutes before schedule. The temperature outside is about 38 degrees… ( Did I hear it right? No, it might be 28, which I might have heard wrong).

I came out. A gust of hot air blew by my face. “Oh, it might be the engines, they might be terribly hot since we flew a very long distance on an afternoon”.

I walked few meters away, no difference in temperature. “Ohkay, she was telling it right, it is indeed 38”. It literally blew my mind. How terrifyingly hot it was? Really.

– Let’s end this story here about the summers and let’s head straight to winters –

4 october, 2014

Dussehra ended yesterday and I started feeling cold.
It was not cold until yesterday. Alright, it is an indication that Winter is knocking on the doors. Few days passed by and we celebrated Diwali. Now, it was easy to walk from Govindpuri metro to my room ~1.5km. I could sit in my room comfortably and work. It was not the case few weeks back. My room used to be a hot gas chamber, a greenhouse rather.

Few weeks pass by and we’re in November

Ok. It is literally cold now. You need geysers (water heaters) else you can forgo bathing. People have started wearing sweaters. Although I did not quite need it then as I spent most of my time either at home, or office.

I called my friend, Chhayakant. He had been in Northern India since 2010-11. He had spent 2 years in Pilani, Rajasthan during his M.Tech days at BITS. Since over a year, he had been living in IIT Delhi Campus for his Ph.D. He knows the weather here perfectly.

Yeh toh bas trailer hai, asli movie abhi baaki hai mere dost

He describes – “What you’re saying cold, is just the beginning. Yeh toh bas trailer hai, asli movie abhi baaki hai mere dost (Translated: It is just the trailer (of winter), the real movie is still due my friend).

He went on saying – It is not even the trailer yet and you’re saying it is cold, it definitely means you’ll be blown away when you see the real picture. By the way, how do you go to office, have you bought sweaters or not?

I said – No, I don’t really need one. I spent most of my time either at home, or office. I usually wake up around 9 or 9:30, by the time when the sun is up and it is not cold anymore. I go to office late around 10:30 or 11:00 and it is not usually cold by that time.

Chhaya – Let 15 December come, and let’s talk then. I want to see your confidence then.

Me – Confidence? In what?

Chhaya – Sun, the way you said that you wake up comfortably after 9 when the sun is up – that. In December, you’ll literally see no Sun. It’ll be all foggy and cloudy around and you can not distinguish if you woke up during morning hours or afternoon. There won’t be any difference at all. More over, the temperature will remain almost constant – if it is 10 degrees in the morning, then expect 11 max during after noon.

I could not believe that, until Christmas came.

10th December

Chhaya was right. It is getting cold terribly. 15 degrees, terrible man. I bought sweaters and hoped I will survive. I was still happy that I could still see the Sun 🙂

It was impossible to sit on a or work from home. Better stay in office as long as you can. Realized jeans or trousers don’t work. You need to get thermo-coats instead.

24th December

It was 24th December afternoon and hell yeah, to my surprise, at 12 noon, it was cloudy. God knows where the cloud came from. It was as if I came too early to office, like 7 in the morning.

On 26th December, it rained. Unbelievable, yet true. Retreating monsoons FTW.

As the days passed by, the temperature kept falling. 10 degrees and I was literally crying out. It was impossibly difficult to come out of the blanket during mornings. You can see smoking coming out from your mouth as you breathe. It was time, one really needed to buy oneself a room heater. I did. I could not sit miserably inside blankets all day.

By 1st of Jan, it plummeted to 2 degrees. It kept getting worse. And, yes, it was the real “show”, that my friend was talking about.


It is now 15th January already and it has not gotten any better. Temperature still remains between 9-15 degrees. I’m eagerly waiting for February for these conditions to get better.

Manesar Plant – what happened that day & what the world thinks

“Much has been said about the Manesar incident that day – in news, publications, blogs, videos.\n\nJournalists have succeeded in sketching a picture of a large group of people being crushed by a corporate juggernaut. And, that too without walking past the factory for a moment, or knowing what’s the work culture in that factory, without putting them in the shoes of the officers.\n\n\nOne of my friend had posted on facebook -\n

“Historical fact: People stopped being people in 1913. That was the year Henry Ford put his cars on rollers and made his workers adopt the speed of the assembly line. At first, workers rebelled. They quit in droves, unable to accustom their bodies to the new pace of the age. Since then, however, the adaptation has been passed down: we’ve all inherited it to some degree, so that we plug right into joy-sticks and remotes, to repetitive motions of a hundred kinds.”\n-Jeffery Eugenides, Middlesex

\n\nAnd there was a comment to it,\n

Pretty much explains the root cause of Manesar plant!\n

\n\nThis my friend, stands largely incorrect and I can’t hold my frustration anymore. Nothing gets me started as misinformation or stupidity does.\n\n\nManesar is in Gurgaon\n Now, I have nothing in personal with people of Gurgaon nor it is my personal view. This was one of my friend’s and this is what he says-\n

They’re rude. I don’t know if they’re naturally like that, but they talk very very harsh. And, they can be easily provoked. Mostly they’re from Haryana. People from that area are like that. They’re irritable and get into fights over a simple argument.

\n\nMy friend was a diploma holder, meaning, they had to oversee the employees working at the assembly. Working at assembly is hard and managing people who are older than you, harder, and it’s a nightmare when they’re ill-mannered. These group of overseers mostly hailed from regions other than Gurgaon. It was unimaginable for them to deal with these kinds.\ntechnical terms may not be accurate, beg your pardon for that\n\nAgree that – Work was tedious. Tea/Lunch breaks were a great deal as thousands of people shared the same slot and spot. Costs of living have grown a lot over the years and it can be assumed everyone was pissed off because of it. And, by everyone, I mean the employees, officers and the company too.\n\nHow did it all start\nAn argument ensued between two individuals and two more jump in. A pseudo-manager, out numbered by workers gets sworn at and manhandled. \”Tujhe toh mai dekh lunga baad mein\” turns into \”Aj shaam ko mil, sab milkey dekh lenge\”.\n\nTo calm the situation, the management takes immediate steps. They form a committee and call a meeting in the after hours in a hall.”